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Paul J. Hanges, Ph.D. is Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology in the University of Maryland’s Psychology Department.   He is also an affiliate of the University of Maryland’s R. H. Smith School of Business and the Zicklin School of Business (Baruch College).  He was on the board of directors of OBA Bank from 2011 until it was sold in 2014. Originally from New York City, Paul received his Ph.D. from the University of Akron in 1987.

Paul’s research centers on three themes: a) human resource practices, team/organizational diversity and organizational climate, b) leadership, team-processes, and cross-cultural issues, and c) dynamical systems theory.  He has published two books and written over 80 articles and book chapters.  His 2004 co-authored book, Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The GLOBE study of 62 Societies, book, won the M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research from the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He won this award again in 2011 for his contribution to the construction of the SIENA Reasoning Test. His 2014 co-authored book, Strategic leadership across cultures: The GLOBE study of CEO leadership beavhior and effectiveness in 24 countries, won the International Leadership Association and San Diego University’s Leadership Book Award for Scholarship in 2015.

His publications have appeared in such journals as Advances in Global Leadership, American Psychologist, Applied Psychology: An International Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of International Business Studies, and The Leadership Quarterly. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Psychology. Finally, Paul is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Sciences, and the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Paul has worked with both public and private organizations (e.g., Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Transportation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Personnel Board of Jefferson County, S. C. Johnson & Son) as well as various consulting firms (e.g., American Management Systems, Emerson Human Capital, Mercer, Inc.) and has been retained as an expert witness for several law firms.  His work focuses on developing human resource practices (e.g., competence models, selection/promotion systems, training and development systems) and aligning organizational policies, practices, and procedures to produce desired organizational climate and improve organizational efficiency.