Dynamical Systems Lab

Room 3101
Biology-Psychology Building
University of Maryland, College Park

We conduct research on leadership, personnel selection, culture, diversity in the workplace, complexity and dynamical systems, and measurement. Our work has contributed to the U.S. Military, U.S. Congress, GLOBE project, and more. Current projects include

Leadership style, organizational culture, and unethical behavior. We have recently completed 5 studies using a variety of methods. This project ranged from qualitative techniques (i.e., interviews with over 400 active duty military personnel and current cadets/midshipmen at the US Military Academy, US Naval Academy, and the US Air Force Academy). We also used surveys, policy capturing, and conducted experiments to understand the individual-level and company-level (i.e., leadership, climate) factors that contribute to reported unethical behavior, the perceived severity of these unethical acts,  and willingness to report these acts.  Our two experiments examined whistle blowing behavior of participants and the behavior of people who have been subjected to an unethical leader.

Using neurocognitive measures and advanced statistics to improve leadership measurement.

➢Discovering the types of people who emerge as leaders in competitive environments.

➢Examining personality & structural factors that influence bipartisanship behaviors in the U.S. Congress.

2021 & 2022 Dynamic Systems Lab

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2019 Dynamic Systems Lab
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